Cows Join Carbon Market in Quest to Curb Planet-Warming Burps

Livestock that produce less methane have joined trees, wind turbines and cleaner cookstoves as the basis for carbon offsets

Meet Your Guest: Joe Towers

Joe Towers is the co-owner and manager of Brades Farm, a multi-generational family-run dairy nestled in the heart of the Lune Valley in Lancashire, England. They specialize in producing milk for the speciality coffee industry, which entails not only a focus on great taste and milk structure for latte art, but also on social and environmental responsibility. We speak with Joe about cow care, methane reduction, and what makes the perfect milk for coffee.

A Carnivore's Crisis with Rachel Khoo

Brades feature in Ep. 2: A Tale of Two Tables Contemplating a switch to veganism Rachel Khoo asks what we risk losing if we start to reject food for the planet’s sake. What if veganism destroys more than it saves? In the Tale of Two Tables, Rachel meets a dairy farmer, a burger cook, and a Michelin-starred vegan chef....

The Business of Burps: Scientists Smell Profit in Cow Emissions

Cattle produce more methane than many large countries. A solution could be an ecological and financial breakthrough — and a Swiss biotech company may be on the cusp.

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