Farmers Are Making Bespoke Milk for Coffee

High fat, protein-rich dairy produces better foam and tastier coffee. “I think the specialty coffee industry has really upped the ante with the beans and roasting, and so the milk had to follow,”

Brades Farm Feature on Countryfiles' 30th Anniversary Programme

To celebrate Countryfile's 30th anniversary, John Craven takes us through 30 of the most memorable moments from the programme from the past three decades. Brades Farm showcase how the family farm has innovated over the years.

The Lancashire Dairy Farmers Supplying Milk to the Country’s Top Coffee Shops

Baristas around the country can’t get enough of a special milk produced on a family-run dairy farm in Farleton, Lancashire. The Towers Family along with the help from their Jersey and Holstein friends have developed the UK's first barista milk and the company is going from strength to strength. Having initially started supplying the London market the family are seeing growth and demand from across the UK.

Who are Brades Farm and What is Barista Milk?

The Towers invite Allan Reeder and Celeste Wong (The Girl in the Cafe) to the Farm to learn more about Brades Barista Milk, the farm and family in Lancashire that it's fully traceable back to.

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